Replacement windows by Thomas Home Improvement are a higher quality than any competitor you will find. Ron begins by providing you a quality glass pack. This ensures that you will instantly notice a change in the ability of your windows to retain heat or central air. All windows edges are sealed with insulation by hand, and they are wrapped with wood and coil caps. This feature is distinctly unique to Ron's installation methods. It adds an additional layer of insulation to the perimeter of your windows and has great aesthetic value.

In comparison, most companies stick their customers with what Ron likes to call the "Home Depot Special". Flimsy builder grade windows are installed with little or no insulation, and they are finished with vinyl stripping and a pile of caulking. Ron knows that you deserve more when it comes to your home improvement needs.



Ron is a true craftsman when it comes to maintenance free siding, soffit and fascia. With over 35 years of hands on experience, Ron has developed several techniques that make your home improvements a true masterpiece.

Ron insulates the exterior of your home with a high grade, fan-fold foam. Before siding, he also seals off the edges of your home with aluminum coil caps. Ron then installs either premium vinyl or steel siding using nailing techniques that will ensure your home retains its improvement for decades. Around all windows and doorways Ron uses wood and coil caps to provide your home added insulation with a signature look.

Finally, Ron insists that soffit and fascia be installed to provide you with a 100% maintenance free home exterior. Many companies will leave your soffit and fascia boards exposed to elements, and you are left with added energy costs and more home maintenance. Ron covers all soffit and fascia boards with premium vinyl/aluminum soffit, as well as custom made aluminum/steel coil fascia and corner caps. Siding by Thomas Home Improvement is the best decision you can make to improve your home's look and energy costs.

As an alternative to siding, Thomas Home Improvement can install stucco to your home. Adding soffit and fascia with stucco is a great 100% maintenance free finish to your home. Thomas Home Improvement also offers the option of new gutter and down spouts to any roofing, siding, or soffit and fascia installation.



Ron provides his all customers with a stronger and higher quality deck as his standard. Every deck designed and built by Thomas Home Improvement features 6x6’ deck posts, 2x10” framing, custom railings and 2x6” banisters. The framing is capped with aluminum coil so that your deck will resist rot and standard wear. Ron is able to provide you with either a redwood deck or a maintenance free TimberTech XLM deck. A deck by Thomas Home Improvement is an improvement that you will never have to make again.